Adam Alis Not Determined Attitude with Arema FC

Adam Alis Not Determined Attitude with Arema FC

Adam Alis talks about his future in Arema FC as well as answering emerging rumors. He asserted that until now has not determined the attitude.

“If that’s the problem I still have not thought about, obviously this time I still focus first finish this competition with Arema,” said Adam to

Adam some time ago became a conversation in social media through his Instagram account by utilizing poll facility in Iinstastory read ‘Stay?’.

It’s not unusual for the end of the season to talk about a player’s future whether to stay or leave. This is what happened to Adam.

The 23-year-old admitted that there are currently no clubs to approach. That’s probably because the competition is still running.

“So far there has been no offer, we’ll see later after the competition is over,” said Adam.

Joining Adam with Arema FC this season is a big share of Aji Santoso. It was not separated from the proximity of Adam with the coach who now gush Persela Lamongan when incorporated in the U-23 national team.

Despite this time Arema FC has been thrown in the competition for the title of League 1, Adam never recorded a sweet memories by becoming the best player in the 2017 President Cup event and deliver the team Singo Edan become champion.

In the remaining games of the League 1 competition that still leaves seven weeks away, the recruits from Barito Putera are still needed by Arema FC. Currently Arema FC is in seventh place standings with 41 points, 5 points adrift of Persija Jakarta who is in sixth.

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