MU Manager Secretly Watch the Bundesliga Stars

MU Manager Secretly Watch the Bundesliga Stars

Eintracht Frankfurt winger Mijat Gacinovic is rumored to be a transfer target for Manchester United (MU) MU is interested in the appearance of this young player while competing in the 2018 World Cup qualifying match.

The Mirror reports, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho continues to keep an eye on Gacinovic during a World Cup qualifying match. At that time Serbia met Austria in Vienna, and the hosts finally won 3-2.

The 22-year-old, mentioned by observers as one of the most exciting young players in the Bundesliga. Gacinovic also has an impact at the international level. He scored two goals in his first three matches for Serbia.

However, Mourinho’s desire to get Gacinovic will not be easy. This player is also touted the middle of the target Bayern Munich and Arsenal.

Meanwhile, after the international break, MU will travel to the Liverpool headquarters in the eighth week of the English Premier League 2017/2018 at Anfield on Saturday (14/10/2017).

Although not rivals sekota, Liverpool duel against Manchester always involves prestige factors. Both teams have a high degree of rivalry for a long time. Understandably, both are collectors of the most English League titles today.

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