Less Than 1,000 Minutes, The 3 Most Deadly Strikers in Europe

Less Than 1,000 Minutes, The 3 Most Deadly Strikers in Europe

Although the status as the best player version of FIFA, does not mean Cristiano Ronaldo can easily score goals against the opponent Fansbetting99.com. In fact, he still has trouble scoring for Real Madrid.

The Portuguese national team has already recorded six appearances in La Liga 2017/18 season. However, Ronaldo can only score one goal for Los Blancos, as Real Madrid.

In fact, Ronaldo has released 40 kick in La Liga event. Only 12 Ronaldo shots are on target. That means, the accuracy kick 32-year-old players are very low, 39 percent.

Contrary to Ronaldo, there are three deadly strikers in Europe who diligently scored with a duration of playing in under 1000 minutes. Who are they?

Ciro Immobile

Italian striker Ciro Immobile joined Lazio on July 27, 2016. In his second year with Lazio, Immobile appeared crazy.

Former Borussia Dortmund striker has scored 14 goals from 11 appearances in Serie A with a duration of playing 976 minutes. Immobile also recorded creating 17 chances, six of them managed to be goals.

The player who has a 185 cm posture is very agile in the field. The proof, he was able to dribble successfully as much as 11 times from 18 occasions.

Lionel Messi

Losing Neymar does not mean it can stop the sharpness of Lionel Messi with Barcelona. Messi is still a goal machine for the club made by Ernesto Valverde.

30-year-old player was recorded has scored 12 goals from 10 appearances in La Liga with a duration of playing 900 minutes. Messi is also the most creative player in Barcelona.

Argentina national team striker was able to create 23 chances, three of them managed to be goals. Messi’s bait accuracy is 83 percent.

Edinson Cavani

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker Edinson Cavani is also very deadly in European competition. He was able to score 11 goals from 10 appearances with the duration of playing 844 players.

Remarkably, the number of goals Cavani better than his team mate and world’s most expensive player, Neymar. New Neymar scored seven goals during 717 minutes with PSG.

In addition, Cavani has also created eight chances. Two chances of his creation managed to become a goal for PSG.

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